General Guidelines (all classes)

Please note that all classes are done with bare feet. You must be able to get up and down from the floor on your own. We ask that you don’t use scented products before coming to class and that you turn cell phones off before class. Classes start promptly at the posted time and the expectation is that students be on their mats ready for class to start. We encourage you to come a few minutes early to get what props you need and visit with your yoga friends!

Yoga Class Descriptions

While we strive to “teach to the group” and honor each individual’s capabilities, choosing a class level that suits you will insure the best learning opportunity and safety. These descriptions are general guidelines to help you choose which class will be best for your experience level.

Supported Yoga

Stretch and strengthen the body with this slower-paced, more supported approach to learning yoga. This is an ideal class for seniors and for anyone with mobility or balance issues. Requirement: Must be able to get up and down from the floor.

75 minutes

Level 1

Learn and practice the basic concepts of yoga as taught in the Iyengar method. Geared toward beginners and those who wish to review the fundamental principles of yoga in a safe and systematic way. More active than Supported Yoga classes.

75 minutes

Level 1 - 2

A mix of beginning and intermediate students. Continue to learn and practice the basic concepts of Iyengar Yoga, and start to explore intermediate poses, depending on the readiness of the class. Beginners with few physical restrictions are welcome. Moderately-paced class.

90 minutes

Level 2

Active class for intermediate and continuing yoga students. Continue to refine the basic poses and learn intermediate poses. Some advanced poses may be introduced. Students should know a shoulder-stand or an alternative to attend this class.

90 minutes

Class Fees

No pre-registration is required at Harmony In Motion. If it is your first time to the studio, please come a few minutes early to chat with the teacher. You can pay for a single class or purchase a class card. Class cards are good for six months from the purchase date. Please pay the fee directly to the teacher by either cash or check. Some teachers can also take credit cards.

  • 5 class card fee is $85
  • 10 class card fee is $160
  • 15 Class card fee is $225
  • Drop in to a single class for $20

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga, named after B.K.S. Iyengar, is a style of hatha yoga taught by Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers that includes individualized instruction, focus on alignment, and the use of props when needed to do a pose safely.

B.K.S. Iyengar was born in India in 1918 and became one of the most prominent yoga teachers in the world. His first book, “Light on Yoga” has often been called the “Bible of Yoga”. He wrote many texts, articles, and was the leading international authority in yoga. His approach to health and yoga helped rehabilitate many students to better health, including himself and his daughter, Geeta. Since Mr. Iyengar’s death, his son, Prashant, and granddaughter, Abijata, run the institute in Pune, India.

To become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, candidates must have studied yoga for at least three years and then train for a minimum of two years with mentoring and recommending teachers. The process is intense and rigorous, culminating in an assessment testing candidates’ knowledge in a written exam, ability to do the poses in a demonstrated practice, and in teaching a group of students while being watched by assessors. This process assures well trained, experienced and helpful teachers.

Another hallmark of Iyengar Yoga is the attention to detail in the alignment of the poses. If for some reason the classic pose is unavailable to a student, the method includes blocks, belts, ropes, bolsters, blankets and other props to help a student gain access to the pose.

Regardless of shape, size, age, ability, or any other issue, Iyengar Yoga is welcoming and accessible to all.