Feldenkrais Method Classes take place either lying on the floor, sitting in a chair or (rarely) standing. Feldenkrais classes help you discover more efficient and pleasant ways to move. This is accomplished through a combination of novel movement patterns (there are over 1500 in the Feldenkrais repertoire) paired with your awareness. Moving while paying attention to WHAT you are doing and HOW you are doing it is a powerful combination. Over time you will uncover latent possibilities for movement...possibilities that you have known in the past or may have never known.

People often report benefits to posture, gait / walking and balance. After class it is typical to emerge feeling grounded, more connected to your embodied experience and relaxed.

Classes last about an hour unless otherwise noted.


The focus varies from month to month.

Classes are ongoing. Join anytime.

MONDAYS @ 10:00 AM (Zoom)

TUESDAYS @ 5:15 PM (Zoom)

WEDNESDAYS @ 12:30 PM (Zoom)

FRIDAYS @ 12:30 PM (Zoom)

Class Fees

  • You can attend your first 2 classes for a trial rate of $20 (covers 2 classes).
  • 5-class cards are available for $75
  • 10-class cards are available for $140
  • Cash, check and charge all gladly accepted.

For More Information about Feldenkrais, visit the website of Michigan Feldenkrais: