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SOLIDARITY WEEKEND, June 11-13, 2021

A variety of classes taught over a long weekend.



All Levels Iyengar Yoga with Pam

6:00 - 7:30 pm, All-Levels Iyengar Yoga with Pam, Zoom

Pam will teach a yoga class appropriate for all levels.


"Opening Stiff Hips - Balancing Mobility with Stability"

Mixed Levels Iyengar Yoga with Karen Coupland!

10:00 - 11:30 am, "Mixed Levels Iyengar Yoga" with Karen Coupland, Zoom

Tight hips can be caused from sitting too long each day, which shortens our hip flexors over time. This in turn pulls our pelvis out of alignment, putting extra strain on our low back and knees. There are many yoga poses and exercises that can help us open our hips, but if we are over-zealous in this process we can injure ourselves. In this class we'll look at various ways to create more hip flexibility while maintaining a healthy stability in the hips, pelvis, low back, and knees.

This is a mixed level class that assumes some familiarity with Iyengar Yoga (or other alignment-based yoga systems) and how we typically use props in a yoga class. It isn't recommended for new beginners.

Please have on hand:

  • Yoga mat or other non-skid surface
  • 2 - 4 yoga blankets or something similar (regular blankets, thick towels)
  • Yoga strap or something similar
  • Yoga blocks if you have them
  • A sturdy chair will be useful for stability or for sitting for some of our work
  • Wall space may be useful, even if you have to leave the screen view for awhile

If you have questions or health concerns, please feel free to contact Karen at karen.coupland@gmail.com


Feldenkrais with Dale - Hips & Shoulders

10:00 TO 11:00 am, "Feldenkrais Class" with Dale, Zoom

Join Dale for a beginner-friendly Feldenkrais class. Reconnect to ground, center and breath. Emphasis on hips and shoulders. Feel better all over!


All Levels Outdoor Yoga with Lisa

10:30 am - 12:00 pm, All-Levels Outdoor Yoga with Lisa, Zoom

Lisa will teach an outdoor yoga class at Dicken Elementary appropriate for all levels.


Nia with Teresa Myers

2:00 - 3:00 pm, "Nia" with Teresa Myers, Zoom

Nia is a full body (physical, mental, emotion and spirit) wellness movement practice. It combines 52 moves which are designed and guided by the body's way with consciously chosen music to provide an open invitation to move something, heal something, feel something. This class is available to everyBODY! It can be adapted to allow you to move in your body's way, while staying connect to pleasure and the joy of movement.


  • ALL proceeds go to pay the rent at Harmony in Motion Studio. Thanks to all of our teachers for their generosity!
  • Classes are $15 each. Register for each class you plan to attend separately.
  • During registration you will have the option of making an additional contribution towards rent. This is strictly optional.
  • If you require reduced fees due to financial hardship, please enter the coupon code "REDUCEDFEECLASS" at checkout for a 50% reduction on a single class.
  • Please register as soon as possible. Please register as soon as possible to be sure you receive Zoom link and/or other necessary class information. You may register last-minute, but it helps us be sure you have everything you need.
  • Additional information will be sent to you upon registration including Zoom link (or location for the outdoor class(es), props required, space needs, etc.


We would like everyone to register (if not pay) online if at all possible.

Payment by credit card should be straightforward.

If you prefer to pay by cash or check:

Use the links above to register for individual classes. Choose the option to 'Pay Later'. Sign up for each class you plan to attend.Ā Mail your check payable to Harmony In Motion Studio to the studio:

Harmony In Motion Studio
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If you would prefer to skip online registration entirely, we will gladly accept your email/phone registration as well.

Contact the Studio to register via email (include (1) which classes you are attending, (2) the total amount your are contributing). You may also call Dale (734-646-9368) to register.

Checks should be made out to Harmony In Motion Studio and mailed to the studio:

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